Giant Mac & Cheese

Giant Mac & Cheese
Faneuil Hall (Quincy Market)
Boston, Massachusetts
submitted by Bee (Kate)

Kate says:
Went to Fanueil Hall today… and look what was there! 

wendyvee says:
Kate snagged another great wonder! These whimsical “You Know You Love It” sculptures from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese are popping up in several locations around the US. This one is located at Fanueil Hall (Quincy Market) in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the press release for the identical macaroni sculpture installed at Pier 39 in San Francisco: The giant pasta is 20 feet long x 9 feet high x 4.5 feet wide!

Has Kraft installed a giant macaroni noodle in your city? Send it in … I’d love to see it!


> Faneuil Hall Marketplace
> Pier 39 Macaroni Sculpture Press Release

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