Giant Superman

Giant Superman!
611 Market Street
Metropolis, Illinois
submitted by: TNAero (Eddie P.)

Eddie jumped tall buildings (in a single bound) to the top of my list of “way-cool people to know” when he shared his recent pics of the 15 foot tall Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois!

You may be familiar with a heavily circulated 2006 photo of our current Commander-In-Chief (when he was an Illinois Senator) that featured the Superman statue as a backdrop.

Metropolis fully embraces its vision of itself as the hometown of one of America’s most famous men in tights. The town features a number of  “Superman-themed” businesses, is home to a Superman Museum, and even holds an annual Superman Fan Gathering. (see links at the end of the post for more info)

As if that wasn’t cool enough … Eddie also spotted Superman leaping off of the Super Museum — just across the street!

> The Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois

> Metropolis, Illinois Tourism

The Annual Superman Celebration!

9 thoughts on “Giant Superman

  1. A friend an I actually passed through the city on our way to Kansas City and took a ton of pictures–with a camera with no film. 🙁

    Someday I’ll have to revisit Metropolis. 🙂

      1. My brother and dad did it with a new camera and a visit to the Governor’s house in Alabama and a big meet and greet. It was brand new and they were wondering why it was flashing “E” the whole time, lol.

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