Giant Vess Lemon-Lime Bottle

Vess Lemon-Lime Bottle
The “Bottle District”
St. Louis, ampoule Missouri
submitted by “Jo,eh”

wendyvee says:
Jo is such a champ at finding great roadside wonders! This is the giant Vess Lemon-Lime bottle in St. Louis, Missouri.

This post-industrial area of St. Louis, where the bottle proudly reigns, is in the midst of a slow but steady re-birth as an urban housing/shopping/entertainment district.

Once called “The Kerry Patch” when it was home to a large Irish immigrant population; the area was home to stockyards and a large number of bottling companies at the beginning of the 20th Century. Among those was the “Vess Bottling Company” who erected this way-too-cool giant Vess Lemon-Lime bottle.

3 thoughts on “Giant Vess Lemon-Lime Bottle

  1. OK, it still cracks me up that I live in STL for 29 years and Jo, from Canada, goes there for what? A few days visit? And comes out with stuff I’ve never seen before, lol.

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