Giant Corkscrews

Giant Corkscrews
1 White Fences Drive
Irvington, Virginia
submitted by “MikeP”

Mike says:
I found these in a little town called Irvington down on the Eastern Shore. They were at the entrance to the White Fences Wine Vineyard. They were HUGE!   Easily 20′ tall.

wendyvee says:
Oops! I was saving this post for last Friday — February 18th was National “Drink Wine” Day — but I missed it! So, I am hereby announcing that February 21st is National “Have Another Glass of Wine” Day!

Sadly, it seems that the White Fences Vineyard has gone out of business … but you can still visit their website here. I wonder if they’ll be keeping these corkscrews around much longer?

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10 Responses to “Giant Corkscrews”

  1. Gunnar says:

    Hey, this just inspired me to do a big corkscrew post on my blog. Great minds think alike (and so do we)!

  2. MikeP says:

    Bummer. I didn’t know they had gone out of business. I’ll have to ride back down there in the summer and see if the corkscrews are still there.

  3. Fuzzygalore says:

    These are great. Sad they’ve folded up but… the idea of corkscrews on a motorcycle just might make up for it.

    And Wendy…
    “Have Another Glass of Wine Day” could only be called – best holiday ever.

  4. update says:

    they are still there and the vineyard is called the dog and oyster

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