Giant Corkscrews

Giant Corkscrews
1 White Fences Drive
Irvington, Virginia
submitted by “MikeP”


Mike says:
I found these in a little town called Irvington down on the Eastern Shore. They were at the entrance to the White Fences Wine Vineyard. They were HUGE!   Easily 20′ tall.

wendyvee says:
Oops! I was saving this post for last Friday — February 18th was National “Drink Wine” Day — but I missed it! So, I am hereby announcing that February 21st is National “Have Another Glass of Wine” Day!

Sadly, it seems that the White Fences Vineyard has gone out of business … but you can still visit their website here. I wonder if they’ll be keeping these corkscrews around much longer?

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10 thoughts on “Giant Corkscrews

  1. Bummer. I didn’t know they had gone out of business. I’ll have to ride back down there in the summer and see if the corkscrews are still there.

    1. Was by there today and the corkscrews are still there! Sign frame is there too, but it’s sign-less. Definitely a photo op.

  2. These are great. Sad they’ve folded up but… the idea of corkscrews on a motorcycle just might make up for it.

    And Wendy…
    “Have Another Glass of Wine Day” could only be called – best holiday ever.

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