Wytheville’s Giant Pencil

Giant Pencil
Wytheville Office Supply
Wytheville, Virginia
submitted by “wendyvee”, “MikeP”, &  “Jo”


update 12/19/10: I can’t get enough of this pencil. Mike adds another angle!
(original 2/10 post below)

wendyvee says:
This is an entry from the “Way Back Time Machine”!
Jo and I met some friends in Marion, Virginia on our way to the Maggie Valley area in October 2007. I originally posted some of our pics on my old (and now defunct) “Wow, That’s Big” website.

Last year, a server crashed here at the sprawling RoadsideWonders Complex (ok, ok …. it’s just my basement) and I lost most of my images from the trip. Luckily, Jo was able to provide some of hers so that I didn’t have to find my hard copies and make scans of them — Hooray for Jo!!)

This is the giant yellow pencil at Wytheville Office Supply in Virginia.

Which reminds me – I want this huge yellow Dixon in the worst way.  It would look great in my livingroom …. with a turntable and accent lighting; maybe a disco ball spinning above it.