Glooscap, the Mi’kmaq God of Creation

indianlib2Glooscap (Kluscap) Statue
Glooscap Heritage Centre
Truro, Nova Scotia
submitted by “Jo,eh”


Jo spots another perfect “Big Guy” for RoadsideWonders!

The Glooscap Heritage Centre website explains that: Kluscap (Glooscap) is an Abenaki word meaning “Man from nothing”. Glooscap, the first human, was created out of a bolt of lightening in the sand and remains a figure that appears in many of the Mi’kmaw legends.

The Glooscap statue raised some eyebrows in 2005 and subsequently received a “makeover”! LOL

wendyvee says:
I know of a certain American lass who also carries a torch … maybe someone should set up a blind date. Though she’s a bit taller than him, I think they would make a cute couple 🙂