Hat Creek Muffler Man

Hat Creek Cowboy
Highway 89
Hat Creek, California
submitted by “Butterfly” and “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve)

Amanda & Steve are A++ “Roadside Wonderer-ers”! 
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Amanda says:
This guy was once the Mechanic Muffler Man of Dunsmuir, California —  but as of last summer he got a remodel and is now the Hat Creek Cowboy Muffler Man located off Hwy 89 (aka the Volcanic Scenic Highway) in Hat Creek. 

When we were there, they were in the process of putting up picnic tables and other rest points around the cowboy for visitors traveling the scenic route to have a rest spot.

wendyvee says:
I think I found his twin brother when I was in Kittanning — Click here to see him!

It’s always a good day when I can add another Muffler Man to the menagerie …. and this one is super-sweet!

Amanda and the Cowboy - hey that sounds like an 80s sitcom 🙂
Steve does some impromptu trail-riding 🙂

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