Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug!
AACA Museum
Hershey, Pennsylvania
(until April 24, 2011)


In an effort to console myself over missing the International Motorcycle Show at NYC’s Javits Center this weekend, I took a little trip to re-visit the AACA Museum in Hershey.

It was “Community Day” with half-priced admission. Thumbs-up to me for saving $$. Thumbs-down for an entire floor of the museum closed for painting – leaving many vehicles out of view or in storage (including Betty White’s custom 1977 Cadillac Seville — the main inspiration for my visit). The silver lining was that Herbie the Love Bug is temporarily on loan from the Swigart Auto Museum!

Herbie has to be the most lovable car in cinema history! While 70 or more “Herbies” were used in the 6 Herbie movies and the short-lived television series … only about 20 are still in existence. This particular Herbie was one of the models in the 1974 hit Herbie Rides Again. The Swigart Museum (located in Huntingdon, PA) is closed over the winter months, but I think I might make a visit sometime this summer to see their entire collection (including 2 additional Herbies!).

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