Hofbrauhaus – A German Delight!

Hofbrauhaus Pub & Eatery
Route 30
Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

wendyvee says:
I have been to the Hofbrauhaus in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania several times … and I had the pleasure of visiting once again yesterday for lunch with friends.

South Central Pennsylvania has an abundance of “Pennsylvania Dutch” (Amish-influenced cuisine); but there are few options for authentic Bavarian food. The Hofbrauhaus is one of them. Their menu features an assortment of traditional German dishes and a large variety of beer and wine selections.

The Hofbrauhaus was established in 1958 — and the design and decor echoes that time period. The age-mellowed paneling, along with German knickknacks, art, and furnishings almost make you feel like you’ve stepped through a time machine. No boring muzak at the Hofbrauhaus – you’ll enjoy German music (at a tasteful volume) and the waitresses even wear traditional dirndl dresses!

I didn’t have time to run into the lounge for additonal pics … I’ll add those after my next trip!

Visit The Hofbrauhaus online for menus, directions, and history

The outside of the building has almost as many decorations as the inside 🙂

I love the restroom doors – part Mad Men/part Hee-Haw!

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  2. Chris says:

    It is a great regret that I have not eaten at this restaurant yet, which is crazy given the fact that I’ve spent a combined 16+ years of my life living in York or Adams county. I think the problem is that while I love this kind of food, the rest of my family doesn’t. So I’m going to have to go it alone if I’m really keen on getting there.

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