“Iowa 80” World’s Largest Truck Stop

Iowa80_1“Iowa 80”
World’s Largest
Truck Stop
Walcott, Iowa
submitted by “SkyKing96” (Ray)


A big welcome to a new RoadsideWonder-er-er, Ray! He brings us the World’s Largest Truck Stop — “Iowa 80”  in Walcott, Iowa. This place is massive!

Ray says:
I took these pictures last month on the way to the MTF Founder’s Feast.  I was taking the long way around getting to Indiana, collecting National Park Stamps on the way.  I had just left West Branch, Iowa, the boyhood home of Herbert Hoover, and I just happened to pick this exit because I needed gas and a star-spangled do-rag and a headlight bulb!

wendyvee says:
Which reminds me . . . I think I’ve misplaced my star-spangled do-rag!
Thanks so much, Ray . . . I hope to see you back with more “wonders” in the future 🙂