Jim Mack’s Ice Cream
Cones & Clubs Mini-Golf
5745 Lincoln Hwy (Old Rt. 30)
between Hellam & Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

wendyvee says:
I stopped at Jim Mack’s Ice Cream on my way home from the Columbia Markethouse Dungeon last month. It’s a circa-1958 roadside delight. I’ve tried the ice cream before; but on this particular trip I went with a cheeseburger. The burger was pretty darn good and the prices are so reasonable that I would guess a family could spend less money dining here than at a fast food chain …. and have a lot more fun doing so!

Jim Mack’s features a 24-hole miniature golf course (added in 1984), two arcades – including several game room “classics”, bank-shot basketball, and a “petting zoo”. There a number of fun little rides that are just perfect for toddlers and small children (I saw just as many smiles, squeals, and giggles from them as I would have had they been visiting a giant theme park … and for just a few quarters!) There is plenty of seating in front of Jimmy Mack’s and several additional picnic areas; so big crowds don’t seem to be a problem at all. There’s even a bowling alley on the adjacent property!
I have to say that I don’t know what to make of “Jenny” – the bear who lives on the property.

With a double-entrance enclosure, she is safe and secure from the kids (and vice versa). Her area seemed clean and she appears healthy … but for some reason I felt uncomfortable about her.

Petting zoos used to be roadside attraction staples and I don’t have any moral reservations about them as long as the animals are healthy. A few goats and llamas didn’t seem to bother me. Still, a bear feels like a different story. I don’t know what her history is or how she came to be there. The staff was hella-busy that day so I didn’t ask. I suppose I should reserve my judgement on keeping a bear for customer entertainment when I don’t know the whole story.

 I loved this little spaceman and wanted to take him with me 🙂


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