plainspeanut3Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue
Highway 45 North
N 32° 02.502 W 084° 23.535
Plains, Georgia
submitted by: “Road Runner” (Bill)


wendyvee: The Peanut Statue has been on my “to do” list for quite a long time. I got pretty close to visiting a few years ago when I was in Georgia; but I had to re-route due to scheduling issues.

I still vow to make it there! In the meantime, “RoadsideWonder-Finder Extraordinaire”, Bill, shares these fabulous images from his visit!




This 13-foot peanut (an homage Jimmy Carter’s peanut-farming background and his big toothy grin) was commissioned by a group of Democrats for a visit to Evanstion, Indiana during Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign. After the event, it was transported and displayed at President Carter’s hometown train depot in Plains, Georgia (his presidential campaign headquarters … see links below for more info). Later, it was moved to its present location.


>   Plains Train Depot – National Historic Site

>   Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Farm – National Historic Site

>   Plains Georgia Peanut Festival

>   The “Official” site of Plains, Georgia

>   The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum (in Atlanta, Georgia)

>   The Carter Center (also in Atlanta)

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