johnapple1Johnny Appleseed Statue
Johnny Appleseed Restaurant
New Market, Virginia


I captured this “Big Person” in front of the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant in New Market, Virginia (just off Interstate 81). It looks as if he once had speakers inside, but alas, he wasn’t saying a word when we came to visit. Playing the strong & silent seed-sower, I guess.

Slicks, the closest thing to a “Mr. Wendyvee”, poses with Johnny Appleseed

Unfortunately, I somehow lost the original pics that I took of him (these are very low-rez)

He’s cool . . . but skip the restaurant — bad atmosphere and worse food.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Appleseed

  1. I’ve been through New Market a few times. Missed Johnny Appleseed. Have to make a point of it next time. So, the feeling inside and food are atrocious, Wendy? Too bad. I always wonder if bad restaurants in small towns with little competition do OK anyhow.

    1. Yes, I’ve been there about 3 times (once even after I wrote this) and the food was terrible. You may have a point about competition 🙂

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