Kadie the Cow

Kadie the Cow
Columbia, Georgia
submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill)

wendyvee says:
Bill found another Holstein for the RoadsideWonders collection! Kadie is located in Columbus, Georgia … but that isn’t how her story began. Visit Roadside Peek to read her saga (and see pics of her in front of the original building). You’ll also find out about the calf that Bill mentions below, which is MIA once again 🙁

Bill says:
Found this in front of a Best Buy in Columbus, Georgia – calf was not there: someone stole it again and it was never found.

* see comment below regarding the calf

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2 thoughts on “Kadie the Cow

  1. The calf is NOT MIA…. The calf was removed and is being stored at best buy due to some of the locals stealing it.

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