Kings Gap General Store

Kings Gap General Store
1155 Pine Road
Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Though the address for the Kings Gap General Store is Carlisle, don’t let that fool you; it’s actually about 10 miles southwest (near the entrance to the Kings Gap Environmental Center). Whether you’re out for a Sunday drive, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, or visiting one of several nearby state parks … you should definitely add a visit to this great general store to your itinerary!

With all of its vintage signage and antiques it may look like a museum, but it is a “living” general store where locals (and visitors) still buy their necessities and incidentals.

The cheap replacement for my previously stolen camera disappointed me in a big way with the interior shots — but even bad pictures will show you that there is much to love about this vintage treasure of a store! Antiques on the top shelves coexist with everyday necessities on the lower shelves.

The house was built in 1864 and this may not be the original door … but it’s definitely been around for a long time. Can you imagine how many people have walked through it? I’d love to have a time machine to go back every decade or so and see the way people changed.

I just about flipped when I spotted the “Frostie” Root Beer thermometer. My grandfather had one just like it in one of his sheds.

If you are an outdoor advertising thermometer aficionado, you will love this place. There are dozens of them throughout the store. You can even spot a few in the picture of the front door above!

Forget to pack lunch for the day? No worries. They have a great deli counter!

I love this Rheingold poster … beer for the sporty upper-class set 🙂

Check out the gallery below for some more vintage advertising!

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  1. I love places like this. We were just at a place today in R.I. that bills itself as the oldest general store in the country, but it didn’t have the great decor this place does.

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