Kwik Shoppe Drive-In

Kwik Shoppe Drive-In
555 Shoemaker Avenue
Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania


I stumbled upon this gem while I was wandering around after the “Taste of Hamburg-er” festival this summer. I stopped to fuel-up my bike and spotted this insanely-awesome sign from across the divided highway that runs through Shoemakersville. It’s even my favorite “so wrong that it’s right” color combination! I couldn’t help but find the quickest way to turn around and make my way over to see it up close.

The Kwik Shoppe has a tiny parking lot (I am willing to bet that a lot of it has been swallowed-up by road improvements over the years) and a few outdoor tables. The inside has been updated over the years and doesn’t match the super-coolness of that sign … but it’s clean and spacious. I ordered a hot dog and some fries (it seemed wrong to order a hamburger after having spent the afternoon at a hamburger festival). The hot dog was average but the fries were great! I normally don’t like the skinny shoelace variety, but these were cooked perfectly. I am so glad that I don’t live near Shoemakersville; or I would be stopping here way too often to order french fries 🙂

The woman behind the counter told me that both the Kwik Shoppe sign and building date to the mid-1960s.

On a sidenote: I heard some customers talking about the cho chos featured on the portable sign underneath the original Kwik Shoppe sign. Apparently, they are hard to find. Now I wish I would have ordered one to see what the fuss is all about.