Replica Statue of Liberty part 2

Libby is much farther away from the western shore

Replica Statue of Liberty
Susquehanna River
(near) Marysville, Pennsylvania

This past August, I posted views of the Susquehanna River replica Statue of Liberty from the eastern shore. Click here to see previous post.

A few days ago, I tried to take some shots from the western shore. The level of safety along the road on Routes 11/15 isn’t much better than the Interstates 22/322 side … but a girl has gotta’ do what a girl has gotta’ do!

I am fairly disappointed in the outcome – Lady Liberty is perhaps even more obscured by vegetation on this side. Also, I should have tried to get there in the morning rather than the afternoon – because the shadows were already creeping up the side of the mountain when I arrived.

Nothing left but to hop in a canoe next summer and paddle over to see what Libby looks like up close and personal … stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Replica Statue of Liberty part 2

    1. Yep, I considered that; but with my luck I’d break my leg and be stuck down there forever 🙂

      I still want to try a canoe or kayak sometime to get a closer look 🙂

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