Largest Bald Cyprus in the US

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Big Tree Park
Longwood, Florida
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)


originally posted March 18, 2010
updated January 16, 2011

update: Scott shares this very sad news from Big Tree Park.

The Senator was destroyed by fire this morning.
The Senator Catches Fire, Collapses at Big Tree Park

Scott says:
Driving on 17-92 you’ll see a sign pointing to Big Tree Park, “Home of The Senator”. If your curiosity wins out and you take the side road you’ll find a small park with two very large trees to view – The Senator and his companion Lady Liberty.

The Senator is approximately 3500 years old, 118 feet tall and has a diameter of 17.5 feet. The tree has been attracting tourists since the late 1800s. The land was donated to Seminole County for a park in 1927 by Senator M.O. Overstreet. In 1929,  it;s dedication ceremony was attended by President Calvin Coolidge.

Forty feet away from The Senator is another large tree – this tree was previously known as “The Companion Tree” but was renamed Lady Liberty in 2005 by students from a local elementary school.

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Lady Liberty is around 2000 years old, stands 89 feet and is 10 feet in diameter.

3 thoughts on “Largest Bald Cyprus in the US

  1. Oh, that’s terrible! What kind of imbecile would intentionally set fire to something like this? I mean, what would be the point, that’s so sad and disgusting.

      1. Well, that was probably my fault because I had the original headline, which included the arson theory. Looks as if they redirected that link to updated info.

        I edited the arson mention … thanks for prompting me to check out the update 🙂

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