Lee’s Diner

Lee’s Diner
4320 West Market Street
(Route 30)
York, Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee”

wendyvee says:
I have ridden (or driven) past Lee’s Diner a number of times; but never had the opportunity to stop in until last weekend.

Lee’s Diner is a 1951 Mountain View model and, according to the waitress, this is its original location. It’s attached to brick house at the back, where the original owners lived and worked. Though a bit “worn”, the bird’s egg blue interior looks mostly original (including the flooring and most of the fixtures). I prefer a  “lived-in” feeling to a diner rather than remodeled … so that was A-Okay with me! Some of the booths still include the table jukebox connection – they are oddly “square-ish” compared to most that I’ve seen; but I’m pretty sure that they are original.

Now that I’ve talked-up the interior, you are expecting pictures, right? Well, it was super-crowded when I stopped for lunch and it just seemed as if it would be oddly intrusive to take pictures at the time. It just didn’t have the right vibe.

If you are in the York area; do stop in and give Lee’s a try. You simply cannot beat the prices and you’ll get to feel like a bigwig when you can tip the waitress at 3 times the normal rate while still spending less on your stop than at your average fast-food joint!

Lee’s has two vintage neon signs — the black in the picture below and the red at the top of the post (click that image to enlarge it). I like both, but the red sign won my heart! Just as I was ready to press the button to take an exterior picture … in rolled a big van to block the shot 🙁   (Again, just another excuse for me to go back and try it again later!)