Less Beaten Paths of America: Unique Town Names

A RoadsideWonders Book Review:
Less Beaten Paths of America: Unique Town Names (Volume 1)
by David Kravetz

I have had a fascination with odd, weird, colorful, and tacky roadside establishments since childhood. I used to stare wistfully through the backseat window at every oddly-shaped ice cream joint, tacky neon sign, absurd cement statue, or junky “tourist trap” (as my grandfather labeled them)  on every car trip or vacation that I took with my parents or grandparents.

I wanted to stop at EVERY one.  We didn’t . . . and I always took it personally. Of course, had I been humored, a cross-country trip may have taken years instead of days. My appreciation for crazy eyesores, giant advertising, and tourist attractions also lends itself to having no hesitation in traveling to a small town in the middle of nowhere just because it has a unique name (and perhaps a unique story to tell).

That’s where author David Kravetz and I are completely simpatico. He has no problem zigging out of his way to visit Bugtussle, Kentucky or zagging in another direction to document Uncertain, Texas. He will visit Hell, Michigan or Tightwad, Missouri just because the of the town’s unique or humorous name. I love that!

In his new book Less Beaten Paths of America: Unique Town Names (Volume 1) David documents his adventures and shares interesting details about peculiarly named towns. It is a quick, quirky, and informative read whether you are planning your own adventures or you just want to experience David’s obscure town visits from the comforts of home.

Download the digital copy and keep it with you. Better yet, order the book and keep it in your car, your RV, your backpack, your motorcycle bags … wherever it will be close when you’re out and about and need a funny name fix.

Less Beaten Paths of America: Unique Town Names (Volume 1) is available now in traditional and digital formats at Amazon.

Also, keep up with David on his blog Less Beaten Paths. He also has a number of books planned for the future. I can’t wait to read what he has in store!