Giant Longhorn Skull
Longhorn Bar & Grill
Amado, Arizona
submitted by “BooinLA” and “Road Runner” (Bill)

Originally posted 7/15/09
edited 11/09/12
Sadly, I just found out that the Longhorn closed in June of this year. I hope that someone is able to purchase it and bring it back to life!

–    Famed Landmark in Amado Is Now Victim of Foreclosure

–    Legendary Longhorn Grill Is Still On Market In Amado 

Boo says:
The Longhorn Grill is prominently featured in the movies Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) and Boys On The Side (1995)

See the Longhorn and some other great roadside dining spots in Arizona

Worm, Jan, and Boo!

*update* RoadsideWonders welcome new contributor, Bill! Check out his sweet Longhorn B&G shot below

Bill Gets the Perfect Parking Spot 🙂

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