Look! It’s An 18-Wheeler In The Sky!

Truck Discount Mart Sign
Southbound I-81
(near) Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Truck Discount Mart definitely has a sign you won’t miss when traveling in either direction near Exit 24 (between Shippensburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) of Interstate 81.

The Giant Paint Can is located at the same exit.

A friend of mine affectionately refers to it as “The Truck On A Stick” 🙂

1 thought on “Look! It’s An 18-Wheeler In The Sky!

  1. Great that you got a pic of both this and the paint can! PA has some really great roadside stuff. Your blog is full of some terrific gems. I’m so glad I found you 🙂

    When traveling from out here on Long Island across 81 heading south, by the time I get near there I’ve already gone on boring slab autopilot and I miss stopping every time.

    “I know there is a giant paint can and a truck in the sky somewh… ZOOOOOOM… Damnit! Missed it again!!!”

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