Madawaska Four Corners Park

Madawaska Four Corners Park
213 West Main
Madawaska, Maine
submitted by: “Joe L.”

Joe says:
The Madawaska Four Corners Park Association has created a park to honor the S.C.M.A Four Corners Tour finishers, participants, and motorcyclists. 

Prominently located in downtown Madawaska, Maine – our park features an impressive 12-foot tall blue pearl granite  monument and a lighted water fountain, surrounded by granite benches and tables, drinking fountain, storyboard, and a fireplace. 

Landscaping includes flowers and trees to create shade and beauty for visitors to enjoy. The park also features paths paved with engraved granite paver stones celebrating Four Corners Tour finishers, participants, and park supporters.

wendyvee says:
For those unfamiliar with the tour, the four checkpoints are: San Ysidro, California; Blaine, Washington; Madawaska, Maine; and Key West, Florida. (see links below for additional information)


Have you participated in the Four Corners Tour? Share your story in the comments section below …. and feel free to email your pics to RoadsideWonders!


Madawaska Four Corners Park’s official website

> USA Four Corners Motorcycle Tour site

5 thoughts on “Madawaska Four Corners Park

  1. My wife and I have done the tour two times,this is a once in a lifetime dream come true for us, the people we met, the diffrent climates we had to endure and the changing scenery,man it was worth it.
    Go see the Madawaska Four Corners Park , all the red pavers are people who have done RIDE SAFE Smokinjoe

  2. Great shot of the monument. Fountain is amazing. I go up to Maine every summer when Los Angeles gets too hot and dry, and I never miss going to the park for local color.

    I also attend the “Four Corners Tour of Madawaska” that the park organized for the little ones on their bicycles. Many of the kids, after receiving their certificates from the president of the park association, tell everybody that when they grow up, they’re going to do the full US tour too. Since it’s also part of the Acadian Festival, there’s always a good turnout with the kids. And pregnant moms get a certificate too.

    For those of you wanting to get involved, there’s always work for volunteers. Before settling down to stoking the fireplace and opening up a few brews, I mow the lawn or wash down a few tables. It’s a private park, so you can drink out in the open. And, as part of the view, you even see Edmunston, Canada, across the river. It’s a beautiful sight.

    Lots of bikers drop by all day long from all across the country and even from Europe. Each has his or her own story, and there’s always somebody around who’s anxious to hear how their ride across the country went. Read some of the pavers to get an idea of the people who’ve visited.

    For those of you waiting for me to come back and mow some grass, it’s going to be in August of 2011 to coincide with the week-long Acadian Festival. See you then.

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