Massey’s Frozen Custard
600 West High Street
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

The tiniest hints of spring are in the air and they have me thinking of all the great things that will open soon … like Massey’s in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Frozen custard is their name and frozen custard is their game (although they do have other frozen treats as well). Plus, they have one of the coolest signs around!

If you have never enjoyed frozen custard before, you can do no better than to visit Massey’s for your “first”. Don’t be fooled by joints that claim they serve custard and then turn around and serve you soft ice cream instead. Real custard is smooth (but dense) and has high milk fat & egg content.

Massey’s has been in business since the late 1940s. The shop is located across the street from Dickinson College’s Klein Hall and adjacent to the school’s athletic field. It used to be fun to spot Washington Redskins players & staff sneaking over for ice cream during training camp; but the ‘Skins stopped training here in 2002 🙁

The safest times for planning a visit are April through September; but they are often open weekends in March.

“Bruiser The Cruiser” pauses for a break at Massey’s

2 thoughts on “Massey’s Frozen Custard

  1. ooh I love Masseys! We drove past it (closed) year before last on our way to Charlotte NC and that sign totally made me head out to Carlisle last summer. Glad I made it out there when I did b/c they closed for the season a few weeks later.
    I love frozen custard – once you have that soft serve is just sad.

    C’mon spring!

  2. I grew up in Carlisle and Masseys was a weekly treat during the summer- one of my fondest memories and nothing compares to their custard- it’s probably been 10 years since I’ve been back during the summer- makes me want to make a trip this summer 🙂 I first found your site when dung a search for Williams grove- sad to see they’ve closed down- another fond childhood memory of growing up in Central PA. Thanks for your posts – always fun and interesting!

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