Miles The Monster

Miles The Monster
Dover International Speedway
Dover, Delaware
submitted by “Jo” & “Dawg”


“Miles The Monster” stands tall (46 feet tall to be exact) above Victory Plaza at Dover International Raceway in Dover, Delaware.

Jo, Dawg, and I were all in Delaware last summer (unfortunately, I was there about a week later than they were). “Miles The Monster” was on my “To-Do” list, but I didn’t end up going far enough south on that trip due to weather. I’m glad that J & D got the chance to capture him!

Check out some monster stats!

Jo says:
This a big fella . . . that is a real car in his hand!

*Click To Enlarge*

Post a comment below and tell me what’s on your travel “to do” list for 2010!

10 thoughts on “Miles The Monster

  1. LOVE it! I don’t recal ever seeing him before. Thanks for learnin’ me sum’m 🙂

    I also love that so many of your photo features are submitted by motorcyclists.

    One day when you have nothing to do (stop laughing) you should put together and post your wishlist. It’s probably pretty great!

    1. I have a GIGANTIC MS Streets & Trips map with a gazillion waypoints on it!

      We need to talk some corporate fatcat into sponsoring RSGalore & RSWonders so that we can go roadside hunting fulltime : )

      1. You’re clearly waaaaay smarter than me. I have no plan or tools in place 😆

        I seem to do things in spurts. Like – ‘Hey, let’s go to Rhode Island tomorrow’ and then sit at my computer doing a search to write things down. Clearly inefficient.

        I think I need to follow your lead and DB some of these things so I don’t miss them while i’m “in the neighborhood.”

      1. You’ll totally love Nitro Girl.

        You can pick up a good handfull of Muffler Men in a single day around southern NJ. Which you already know cause you’re super organized Roadside Wonder girl! 😀

        I’d like to see that Del blahblahblah’s bakery with all of the fiberglass animals on it.

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