Minnehaha Strikes A Pose

Minnehaha Statue
Hiawatha’s Country Store
Elkins, West Virginia
submitted by “Slicks″ (John)

wendyvee says:
John captured this shot of the Minnehaha statue in front of the Hiawatha Country Store in Elkins, West Virginia during the summer of 2009. 

Minnehaha is the fictional lover of Hiawatha, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem Hiawatha. Raise your hand if you had to memorize at least part of this poem in junior high … I know that I had to 🙂

I was in this parking lot myself once a few years ago and didn’t take a picture (mostly because I was hiding from rain under the roof near the front door)… so I’m glad she’s finally making her RoadsideWonders debut!

This is the first submission from Slicks — better known to some as “The Closest Thing to a Mr. Wendyvee”! 

2 thoughts on “Minnehaha Strikes A Pose

  1. She’s great. Always a welcome site when cruising through that area on your motorcycle. (WV has great riding!) Funny – I’m like you, never took her picture either even though we’ve stopped for gas at the station next door several times. I’m glad someone did!

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