Hey! Hey! It’s the Monkeemobile!

The Monkeemobile!
– Wendyvee

I actually snagged the Monkeemobile at an event in 2013 (more on that in another post). I lost a hard drive several  years ago and only recently found a forgotten back-up. I’m so glad that I did.

I have enduring affection for unusual vehicles. One that I’ve posted previously is still probably #1 in my heart … and I have an undying love for the Oscar Meyer Weinermobiles in all their forms; but the Monkeymobile is a close second. I arrived late to this portion of the event and I almost missed it. They were in the process of preparing to load it on their trailer, so I couldn’t take any interior shots but I did manage to sneak a few photos in before it was too late.

The Monkees were technically before my time; but I remember re-runs on the local syndicated station when I was in elementary school. My sister liked them (unfortunately I hadn’t yet developed a taste for the wonderfully absurd yet so I was more into the Hudson Brothers … Razzle Dazzle,  oh my)

This is one of several replicas in existence – check out the links below for fun facts about the two originals and what became of them.

Links of Interest:

The Monkeemobile in a nutshell on Wikipedia (including fun fact about the version that ended up in Puerto Rico)

The History of the Monkeemobile


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