Moose Theatre Marquee
Moose Lodge 596
18 North Market Street
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

The marquee on the Loyal Order of Moose building in Elizabethtown has long outlived the life of the cinema that once operated there. The theater has been closed for decades (a gentleman walking by when I took these pictures couldn’t remember exactly when the theater closed — but he indicated that the auditorium was remodeled for use as a banquet space decades ago).

The sign is in pretty good shape and the Moose Lodge still uses it to advertise (I’ll try to stop by sometime later this year for an evening shot because I believe that the neon still works as well)!

Do you, or would any of your family members, remember the Moose Theater?
If so, please share your memories in the comment section below!

The side of the marquee looking west. I hope that DJ Dan rocked the house 🙂

Looking Eastward …
A peep at one of the Deco-themed doors. (Hopefully, plastic-wrapped telephone books will be retro things of the past before too long.)

7 thoughts on “Moose Theatre Marquee

  1. Another great find, and another town I ride thru occasionally to which I obviously don’t pay enough attention ‘cuz I’ve never noticed the Moose. Thx to you I’ve got a growing list of places to ride and cool things to see.

    1. You know, I ride past Elizabethtown all the time. Unfortunately, I’m usually on the highway, which bypasses it completely.

      I’ve got a few more E-Town wonders to add later 🙂

  2. I have vivid family memories of going to the Moose Theater almost every Saturday. The ticket was ten cents and then an extravagant twenty-five, a quarter for news, shorts, cartoons, and the main attraction. No long messages about cell phones, just entertainment. The candy counter was a mixture of the familiar and the strange–those ugly, excessively white fat peppermint sticks; I have never seen that confection in any other cinema. There was also an intermission and a drawing from our ticket stubs for prizes, usually more peppermint. It was a magical place and one of the few buildings with art deco features.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I wish we could climb aboard a time machine and take in a movie or two … white fat peppermint sticks and all! 🙂

  3. Time machines…that’s another subtext of the Moose Theater! Thank you for responding to my email. Cheers, Phyllis

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