Museum of Obsolete Technology

Museum of Obsolete Technology
Wagging Tails Thrift Store
1300 East Gude Drive
Rockville, Maryland


I was in Rockville last Friday for a meeting. As it happened, I accidentally found a “wonder” when I got frustrated with traffic and decided to reroute my trip home. I turned around in a little unassuming strip mall and noticed that there was a thrift store a few doors down. I spotted a few items in the front window and thought that I would run inside quickly to browse.

Wagging Tails Thrifts & Gifts supports the Montgomery County Humane Society via the sale of donated items. It’s a nice little store but not very distinctive UNTIL YOU FIND THE BACK WALL of the store. There … (cue Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries) you will find the glorious Museum of Obsolete Technology (M.O.O.T.)!

In a nutshell, M.O.O.T. is a several shelves bursting at the seems with pop culture kitsch. Some of the displays are obscured by storage boxes and bins; but that just makes it feel like you have discovered an attic full of childhood memories. Nothing on the M.O.O.T. shelves is available for purchase. I tested the theory because I really wanted to add one of their cameras to my collection. I asked politely to no avail.

I remembered this photo of Bobby Sherman. I thought that my older sister had it in her bedroom; but she has informed me that she had the cereal box record – not the poster. Cereal Box records … so sad that I missed that era! Look at Babs’ glorious hair (probably a wig; but awesome nonetheless).

Everything from Liberace to The Bay City Rollers! I wish that the Badfinger poster didn’t have such a glare on it because it was fantastic and I can only find the truncated version of it online.

I totally dig that little red tv set. Plus, any shelf that has Batman ’66 on it is okay in my book. How cute it that aqua record case?

This is the camera that I tried to talk them out of … no dice 🙁

Your Plumber’s Butt Problems Are Over!

If you ever find yourself in the Rockville area, it’s definitely worth a quick side-trip to see M.O.O.T. in all of its messy, tacky, glory!