God’s Tree House
Beehive Lane
Crossville, Tennessee
submitted by “Feathers” (Mendy)

wendyvee says:
My friend Mendy is back with another “wonder” … a wonderfully crazy and sweet tree house in Crossville, Tennessee!

In 1993, Horace Burgess began constructing a 10-story tree house that is now nearly 100 ft high! Burgess claims that God came to him in a vision and inspired him to construct what he calls “God’s tree house” (See links at the end of the post for more details)

Burgess also created a rather large garden where he uses daffodils, irises, narcissus, gladiolas and wild daisies to spell out the letters J-E-S-U-S.

If you make the climb to the top … you get to ring the bells!

Leandra checks-out the graffiti added to the tree house over the years.

Two of my favorite peeps – Mendy & her husband “Smitty”. He’s like Thor … only cuddlier!


   Divine Vision Inspired a 97-foot Treehouse (USAToday article)

>   The Tree House (at Oddity Central)

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