Muffler Man Mystery!

Muffler Man Head
(off Route 91)
York, Maine
submitted by “DiamondDave” (Dave)

wendyvee says:
A warm welcome to Dave — the newest “roadside wonder-er”! *
Dave is from Lynn, Massachusetts. Maybe if we all ask him nicely, he’ll take us on a visit to the Capitol Diner (it’s been on my “to-do” list for a long time)!

Dave says:
This Paul Bunyan head is on a tree in York, Maine – off of Route 91. I found this a few weeks ago. It once lived on rte 1 A on the Lynnway (it was in front of Sea Crest Cadillac in the 1970’s).

wendyvee says:
I asked Dave if he knew anything about the whereabouts of the rest of Paul. I Googled under every combination that I could think of … and came up with nothing. Dave messaged back that he might be able to find out from the owner. Does anyone out there in the blogosphere know how Paul suffered his bodiless fate? Let us know in the comments below!

* (and, no, it isn’t that Diamond Dave … but if Mr. Roth is reading;
 I’d love to bring you aboard too!)