Murals of Klamath Falls
Klamath Falls, Oregon
submitted by “Butterfly” and “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve)

Amanda says:
SO many murals around this town!  It seems as though their town theme is murals painted on the sides of various buildings downtown. Each of them depicts a different scene of historical events and places.

These 6 are just a small portion of what the town has to offer; we didn’t have enough time to scout them all out; but what a fun way to grab some roadside attractions, learn a bit about the town, and see the sites of the city.

wendyvee says:
Steve and Amanda never fail to find very cool roadside wonders and these are no exception. I love all of them, but the Kingsley Field Veteran’s Memorial mural is just stunning!

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You would think that the window would detract from the mural below,
but I think it adds a little bit of interest to it

I like the way that the tree and the potted plants seem as if they are part of the mural!


About Kingsley Field

>Toby “Winema” Riddle on Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Murals of Klamath Falls

  1. Absolutely … but I LURVE the Phoenix murals that you’ve been featuring!

    The murals in my area tend to be the “historical realism” variety (similar to the Klamath murals).

    I need to spend a day in Philly and take some mural pics – they have a really great variety (more in the vein of the Phoenix murals). I appreciate both styles though 🙂

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