York Barbell Muscle Man

Muscle Man
York Barbell USA
3300 Board Road
York, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

wendyvee says:
I took photos of the rotating muscle man high atop the York Barbell Factory several years ago … but I returned on Saturday afternoon to take some updated shots. He was taken down recently for some “rehab” and now he looks better than ever 🙂

He’s loosely modeled after Olympic weightlifter Norbert Schemansky (although Mike Locondro, manager of York Barbell’s retail sales, told me just his body was modeled after Schemansky – not his face).

To learn more about this big guy, see the “links of interest” below and stay tuned for my post about the neighboring USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame (which includes yet another outdoor giant!).


Watch the real Norbert Schemansky in action:

> Urja Dave’s “Muscletown USA” article
> York Barbell

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  1. Gunnar says:

    Only a dumbbell would not love this guy!

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