Mystic Pizza
Mystic, Connecticut
submitted by “Jo”



“Super RoadsideWonder-er” Jo poses with friends in front of Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut.

Yes kids, Mystic Pizza – as in the movie starring Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish – is a real-life pizza parlor!

Visit Mystic Pizza online

I can’t tell you how much $$$ the teenaged Wendyvee spent on perms trying to achieve the glorious hair that Julia Roberts sports in this movie. Unfortunately, being short and blond with hair that never takes well to perms … I ended-up looking much more like Latka’s wife Simka (from television’s Taxi) than Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza 🙂 


Incidentally, this is the very first “wonder” in Connecticut (though a few more are posting soon). Visit the RoadsideWonders Map to see what we have in your favorite area.

6 thoughts on “Mystic Pizza

    1. Marty, Yep, it’s not an epic classic or anything … but I remember it being one of my fav Julia Roberts movies. I haven’t seen it in YEARS. May watch it this weekend 🙂

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