New Year’s “Drops”

New Year’s Eve Drops

November is almost over, and I’m looking ahead to New Year’s Eve. Someday, I would love to attend The Mother of All New Year’s Eve Drops … but I’m not sure I’ll ever have the patience to stand in the cattle pens for hours on end waiting for the big event.

Mr. Roadside and I don’t have a party planned this year, so I’m thinking about which of the many NYE “Drops” that we could attend. Pennsylvania has to be the undisputed leader in the variety of NYE Drops! There are so many to choose from that I’m not sure where I’m heading yet; but here are just a few within quick driving distance of RoadsideWonders HQ 🙂

Below are a variety of Central Pennsylvania NYE events
(in no particular order). Which drop would you like to see?
Tell me in the comments below!

  • The Strawberry Drop in Harrisburg
  • Manheim takes a different approach and raisies an Orb instead of dropping one
  • Let E-Town Ring! Elizabethtown lowers a giant M&Mat 7 p.m. to correspond with midnight celebrations in its “Sister City” Letterkenney, Ireland
  • Red Lion, Pa drops a “Lion Holding a Cigar” (representing the borough’s history as a cigar manufacturing center)
  • The Dill Pickle Drop in Dillsburg
  • The town of Liverpool drops a Wooden Canal Boat
  • The teeny-tiny town of Blain drops a Cow (probably the most rural of the “drops” )
  • Lebanon drops a Huge Weaver’s Bologna (and then donates it to local shelters)
  • Cleona, PA drops a Giant Pretzel
  • Shippensburg drops an Anchor
  • Carlisle drops an Indy Car during their “First Night” activities (update: this appears to be canceled for 2010/2011)
  • Ickesburg has dropped a Giant French Fry in the past (no confirmation on that for this year)
  • Hershey drops a Huge Hershey’s Kiss
  • In Hummelstown it’s a Giant Lollipop
  • Lewistown wins my heart by lowering a Giant Bag of Hartley’s Potato Chips
  • Bethlehem drops a Huge Peep candy
  • Mechanicsburg drops a Giant Wrench(get it? “Mechanics” Burg … hardee har har)
  • Want to see a Giant Huckleberry Drop? Head to New Bloomfield, Pa!
  • Pottsville drops a Bottle of Yuengling Beer
  • Watch your toes! Steelton drops a Steamroller
  • Seven Valleys, Pa reportedly drops a Huge Broasted Chicken
  • Inspired by the symbols of the Britain’s royal houses of Lancaster and York:  the city of Lancaster, Pa lowers a Red Rose in Binns Park and York, Pa lowers a White Rose in Continental Square. (I attended the white rose drop a few years ago after a Strand-Capitol special screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Good times … and a very cool giant rose!)

These are just the ones in my region and  I may have even missed a few! Pennsylvanians are clearly nuts
for dropping things on New Years Eve … ya’ gotta’ love it!!