Now That’s A Huge Fiddle!

Giant Fiddle
Fiddletown Community Center
Fiddletown, California
“Butterfly” (Amanda)

Amanda says:  The Fiddle is appropriately placed in the very tiny town of Fiddletown, California – off Fiddletown Road. It’s about 6 miles from the intersection of Shenandoah and Fiddletown Road just outside of Plymouth, California. The large fiddle, which I’ve been told is supposed to be the world’s largest, is hanging above the town’s Community Center.

wendyvee says:
For me, the real Roadside Wonder might be the pay phone on the porch (at right). Not that it has matching wood (which is cool) — but the fact that they actually have a pay phone. I haven’t seen an operational pay phone in my area for awhile now! I kind of miss the germ-infested little buggers 🙂

Check out some Fiddletown history (of particular interest is the former size of its population!)

To see another giant musical instrument, check our Giant Saxaphone or our Canadian giant fiddle!


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