O’Brien Oregon’s Huge Fly!

Huge Fly!
O’Brien, Oregon
submitted by “Froggi” (Donna)  

Froggi says:
I stopped for lunch in O’Brien and discovered a little convenience/deli beside a gas station and next door to the Post Office. A vintage police car sat by the edge of the road and an old railroad car was in the middle of renovation. I ate lunch under the shade from the trees beside the RR car, perched on a picnic table.

Behind all this were the restrooms…..made interesting not only by the HUGE fly perched on the roof . . . but by the large fly swatter attached to the keys too! 

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2 Responses to “O’Brien Oregon’s Huge Fly!”

  1. JAL says:

    OMG.. I have to see this! I think I can hear it saying, “Help me, Help me!” like the one in “The Fly”. Its creeping me out. 😉

  2. wendyvee says:

    Maybe it’s really Jeff Goldbloom up there! 🙂

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