Olean Testicle Festival Sign

Olean Testicle Festival
Olean, Missouri
submitted by “Solarwing” (Frank)

Solarwing says:
I almost wrecked my motorcycle trying to stop to take this pic, it’s another Testicle Festival in Olean, Missouri. The sign was located on MO87, north of Ozark.

wendyvee says:
Wow, when I was a part of our local Jaycees — the most exciting thing that we did was selling submarine sandwiches LOL

If you are familiar with the RoadsideWonders, you might remember Carla’s “Testicle Festival” submission from Montana back in 2006 🙂

olean testicle festival

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  1. TheWoman says:

    I’m worried. What exactly is involved in this festival??

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