One Arch McDonald’s Sign

1960’s Era McDonald’s Sign
(removed in 2016)
1755 Columbia Avenue

Lancaster, Pennsylvania


I was riding around in Lancaster today with no particular destination in mind. When I passed the McDonald’s on Columbia Avenue, I did a double-take. The old Sixties Era Single Arch McDonald’s sign was gone. I took these photos a few years ago; but hadn’t posted them. I’m glad that I still had them in my photo archive.

I was out of the “roadside loop” and I missed the news that the sign had been replaced early last year. Mike Fontaine, an avid McDonald’s memorabilia collector who also owns a McDonald’s in Allentown, adopted the sign. It is currently being stored and he hopes to include it in a McDonald’s Museum one day.

I was sad to see it gone; but happy that it didn’t end up in a landfill.



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