Osceola Statue

Osceola Statue
Osceola, stuff Iowa
submitted by “JanetGia”

Janet says:
We were on a ride this afternoon down around Osceola, Iowa and I noticed that there was a giant totem of the Seminole Indian leader Osceola (for whom the town is named), so of course I had to snap a photo for you!

The statue was created by artist Jesse Kuhs and was dedicated in 1993. The inscription reads: “They cannot capture me except by white flag. They cannot hold me except in chains.”

The statue is about 15 feet tall. It sits in a nicely landscaped area on a frontage road facing Highway 34, just east of Interstate 35.

Do you know that Osceola was born “Billy Powell”?
Learn more about this charasmatic multi-cultural figure here

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