Pacheco Sculpture

Pacheco Sculpture
Caracas, Venezuela
submitted by: “Anaconda”

Anaconda says:
Pacheco is one of Caracas’ old tales and folklore.  He used to live on the mountain that you can see in the background of the Nescafe photo, in a small village called Galipan.

Galipan, because of being high in the mountain, is famous for its flowers and peach groves. Anyway, every year, around December, he would come down the mountain with a couple of donkeys packed with a load of flowers that he would sell down in the city.

Usually around the same time that he would show up, the temperature and humidity would drop down and stay low during the “cooler” weeks of the year (we’re barely north from the equator, so the only seasons are “rainy” and “dry” seasons…).

So it became, that that first cool night of the year, when you would have to actually throw on a blanket to sleep, people would say, “Here’s Pacheco“.  So even to this day, we say “Pacheco arrived” when it finally cools down, or “there is a Pacheco going on”…when you get a chill…


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