Pal’s Sudden Service *Update*

The Original Pal’s Sudden Service
Kingsport, Tennessee
submitted by “RedFXRP” (Toni)

Toni sent in a picture of the original Pal’s. Click the Pal’s link in the post below and visit their timeline page — you’ll read some pretty interesting stuff (including an early McDonald’s “connection”)

update: Toni shares another Pal’s photo — this one at night. Ahh, that neon glow 🙂


Pal’s Sudden Service
Rogersville, Tennessee
submitted by “T8RBUG” (CJ)

CJ nabbed one of the restaurants on my “to-do” list, Pal’s Sudden Service.

Pal’s has several locations that feature their wonderfully kitschy “french fries, hot dog, burger, and soda” – decorated buildings.


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  1. Slicks says:

    awww… CJ… you should have gotten up on the roof and pretended like you were drinking from the straw! 🙂

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