“Pennsylvania Worker”

Pennsylvania Worker Statue
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

This is Pennsylvania Worker, sculpted by William F. Duffy.

The statue was recently moved from outside the residence of the Governor of Pennsylvania to its current location at the Pennsylvania Labor and Industry Building in downtown Harrisburg … and not without some controversy. The statue was originally placed on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion in 1992.

 “When I wake up in the morning, I’ll look out my window, and this will be the first thing I see,” Governor Robert Casey said at the dedication of the bronze sculpture on Labor Day 1992. “Every governor following me will be looking out that same window.”

The idea was to provide the current and future leaders of Pennsylvania with a reminder of the common worker. In truth, the statue wasn’t really viewable from the governor’s quarters … but still, that was the general idea. When the statue was recently moved, it caused quite a broo-ha-ha (see links below for articles concerning the move).

–  Union Objects To Moving Statue

–  Proposed Renovation of Governor’s Residence Courtyard Doesn’t Include Pennsylvania Worker Statue

–  Sculptor William F. Duffy




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