Starship Pegasus in Italy, Texas

pegathumbStarship Pegasus
100 Kinfolks Lane
Italy, Texas
submitted by: Bill Miller

BillStarship Pegasus looks like it was once a restaurant. It’s just south of the Monolithic Dome Institute (whose giant caterpillar is already featured on your site) and appears to be made out of one of their domes. It’s at I-35 and Route 34.

wendyvee:  Thanks, Bill … this is fantastic! After doing a little research, I can tell you that it was, indeed, once a restaurant and then a flea market. I wish I had a few more zeroes at the end of my bank account balance because it’s for sale!!

Check out the links below for additional pictures (including some of the interior).


>   Older article (with interior images) at Italy Neotribune

>   The Starship is For Sale or Lease!

>   Starship Pegasus updates on Facebook

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