Port Clinton Peanut Shop

Port Clinton Peanut Shop
Route 61
Port Clinton, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

Last weekend, while out wandering around Schuykill County, I happened upon the Port Clinton Peanut Shop. I couldn’t help but find the nearest u-turn on the divided highway so that I could circle back!

The Peanut Shop is located beside the Port Clinton Hotel (an early 1800s hotel/tavern that served as a stagecoach stop, a Schuylkill Canal landmark, and now serves Appalachian trail hikers and area tourists). Though all that remains of Port Clinton are a few dozen houses, four-lane Route 61 runs right smack on top of it which makes taking pictures of the front of the Peanut Shop a dangerous business. (Oh, and before anyone makes fun of me for parking so far away from the curb and so close to the highway … there was a good-sized trail of broken glass along the curb for the entire stretch … Yes, Slicks, I’m talking to you … I can read your mind.)

This little shop is such a roadside delight! From the old-fashioned double door/double screen entrance, to the wooden floors, to the huge variety of candy (both new and old-fashioned)! If you are ever in the area, you just have to stop. Pictures don’t do it justice … and the ladies who work there are as hospitable as can be.

I imagined all of the generations of little noses pressed up against the glass counter — picking out their favorite goodies.


Candy cigarettes … you don’t see these around often anymore!


How cool are these vintage metal/canvas shopping totes …