Port Clinton Peanut Shop
Route 61
Port Clinton, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

Last weekend, while out wandering around Schuykill County, I happened upon the Port Clinton Peanut Shop. I couldn’t help but find the nearest u-turn on the divided highway so that I could circle back!

The Peanut Shop is located beside the Port Clinton Hotel (an early 1800s hotel/tavern that served as a stagecoach stop, a Schuylkill Canal landmark, and now serves Appalachian trail hikers and area tourists). Though all that remains of Port Clinton are a few dozen houses, four-lane Route 61 runs right smack on top of it which makes taking pictures of the front of the Peanut Shop a dangerous business. (Oh, and before anyone makes fun of me for parking so far away from the curb and so close to the highway … there was a good-sized trail of broken glass along the curb for the entire stretch … Yes, Slicks, I’m talking to you … I can read your mind.)

This little shop is such a roadside delight! From the old-fashioned double door/double screen entrance, to the wooden floors, to the huge variety of candy (both new and old-fashioned)! If you are ever in the area, you just have to stop. Pictures don’t do it justice … and the ladies who work there are as hospitable as can be.

I imagined all of the generations of little noses pressed up against the glass counter — picking out their favorite goodies.


Candy cigarettes … you don’t see these around often anymore!


How cool are these vintage metal/canvas shopping totes … 



8 thoughts on “Port Clinton Peanut Shop

  1. This place is so cute!

    I actually wandered in there a few years ago when my Triumph was being worked on at Hermy’s just up the block. It was like a candy colored port in the storm 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I found my piece of heaven! I have passed by this little store a few times always thinking it only sold peanuts. My jaw dropped when I finally stopped to check it out. Candy, chocolate, gummies, you name it they got it! Oh yeah they have peanuts too. It was awesome to see all the old goodies I bought when I was a kid and some new goodies. I will always stop if I’m in the area. There is parking behind the store. The ladies who work there are lovely. If you are in the area stop back in time and let the child in you out!

  3. Awesome! Reminds me of a smaller penny-candy shop we had in Montoursville when I was a kid. Swedish Fish and Root Beer Barrels and all that good stuff. And if you splurged, you ended up spending maybe 45 cents total, lol.

      1. Fun fact from Wikipedia: “In 2016, Nabisco created a test-market product Swedish Fish Oreos, available at Kroger grocery stores nationwide.”

        That would be a big old nope, nope, nope, nope.

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