The Pretty Things Peepshow!

Pretty Things TourPretty Things Peepshow
March 15, 2013 Performance
Stage on Herr
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Burlesque? Sword Swallowing? Razor Blade Magic? A Bed of Nails? Whip Tricks? Flaming Pasties? A swinging house band?  I’m in!!!!

I clutched some of my Christmas money in my hot little hands in anticipation of  the Pretty Things Peepshow that arrived on March 15 at Harrisburg’s quirkiest venue Stage on Herr. I did take the “Mister” along as well (trust me … he didn’t mind). I missed the PTP show in Harrisburg last year and I was determined not to miss this one!

Stage on Herr (at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center – HMAC)  has the perfect size and atmosphere to make the entire audience feel as if they have VIP seating.

Not only does Pretty Things Peepshow have the best burlesque and vaudeville-style acts; they also have a great house band. The Peeping Toms trio were not just killing time between acts. They absolutely slayed some classics AND did a swinging/jazzy rendition of No One Knows by the Queens of the Stone Age that I would totally add to my iPod if it were released. Hit play and see them in action!

The Master of Ceremonies. The Dapper Dan of Danger …. Mr. Donny Vomit!! You may recognize him from Coney Island, various television appearances, or maybe even the label of your favorite bottle of beer! Now, if you know me, you also know my fondness for an artful moustache. Donny Vomit is the owner of particularly killer ‘stache.

Don’t even TRY to heckle Mr. Vomit … you will lose …. big-time. Visit Donny’s website to learn about this fabulous showman.

Go-Go Amy  is the founder and creator of Pretty Things Peepshow. Not only is she a spectacular entertainer … she is also the BOSS! She manages, books, models, promotes AND performs! She’ll also teach YOU pin-up styling with her Pretty Things Academy Pin-Up class.

I didn’t get many good shots of Amy because I was too busy watching her mesmorize the audience. Next year, I may have to go to both shows — one for viewing — and one for photographing — because it’s hard to do both at the same time.
This photo courtesy of photographer Sean Simmers/ Patriot-News:

My image below was taken just as Amy began her fire-eating act. This act concludes with Amy sporting flaming pasties (YES, pasties that were on FIRE) and very little else!

The Pretty Things Peepshow has a number of performers that join the tour depending upon circumstances. Harrisburg was the final weekend of the US Tour for 2013 and sexy Scottish vixen, Rachel Renegade “The Painproof Princess”, was with them. She does the Bed of Nails, she swallows razorblades, and and performs various other acts that make you cringe and clap at the same time.

Lil Miss Firefly “The Midget of Mischief” is just 27″ tall but she has knows how to command the stage and amaze you with a straight-jacket burlesque number, a glass walking act, and she even climbs a ladder of swords barefoot! You may know her from the show FREAKS in Las Vegas or her tour appearances with Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Manson, and Slipknot. She has also performed in a number of burlesque shows and she tours with Pretty Things Peepshow frequently.

Since I’m also short in stature, it was hard for me to get good pictures of her from my vantage point (though I could see her performances well … all of my pictures were full of the heads and elbows of other patrons).
This photo courtesy of

As I eluded to above, Stage on Herr is a fantastic venue. If you are ever in the Harrisburg area, make a point of checking-out the schedule to see what acts and/or events are taking place.

You can even purchase some one-of-a-king artwork while you’re there. This piece was hanging on the wall to my right. I couldn’t stop thinking that he looks like a naked Stanley Tucci 🙂

Go-Go Amy is currently touring in Europe, make sure to visit the tour section of the Pretty Things Peepshow site to find out when PTP will be in your area. Don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “The Pretty Things Peepshow!

  1. Hubba hubba! Great post and I think I’ve seen some of those performers out at Coney Island. Loved this and I’m jealous I didn’t get to see it. I just posted your birthday video at my blog. Thanks again for that, Wendy, it made my day!

    1. Yep, Donny Vomit has been a Coney Island regular … and I’m pretty sure Go-Go Amy and Lil Miss Firefly probably performed there as well 🙂

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