Quidditch For Muggles

Central Pennsylvania Quidditch Open
Roof Park
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee” & Barbara Dodd

Big props to Barbie for the “heads-up” on this uber-cool event … and for thanks for sharing some of her pics too!

The Central PA Quidditch Open was held at Roof Park on February 27th.  The Cedar Cliff High School Quidditch Club, illness the Trinity High School Shamrock Quidditch Club, purchase The Flying Koalas of Ursuline School, and the Cruciatus Cavaliers of East Stroudsburg High School were joined by the Penn State “Three Broomsticks”, the Chestnut Hill College,  & Pitt Q.C. exhibition clubs.


Not familiar with the muggles version of Quidditch? Click and expand for a short primer!




If you doubt that Harry Potter fans have some sort of collective magical power, consider this:
30 hours before the tourney the entirety of Roof Park was under at least 5 inches of snow. The day of the tournament was warm and clear and the snow had vanished … and a mere few hours after the event ended; the area experienced yucky freezing rain and other assorted varieties of nasty weather once again. Coincidence? I think not 🙂

In addition to the Quidditch matches, the tourney also provided the opportunity to showcase 3 bands, and offered merchandise from the International Quidditch Association.  More than a few fans attended in full “Harry Potter regalia”

 Yes, I kidnapped, cooerced, forced talked “Mr.” RoadsideWonders into escorting me to yet another event that left him shaking his head and questioning his choice of spending the rest of his life with me 🙂

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