The Little A’Le’Inn


Steve throws an extraterrestrial “gang sign” 🙂

The Little A’Le’Inn
(near the infamous Area 51)
Rachel, Nevada
submitted by “Kamikaze” and “Butterfly” (Steve & Amanda)


Amanda & Steve say:
We took a drive from Las Vegas out Hwy 93 to the Extraterrestrial Highway(Hwy 375) and into Rachel, Nevada. This runs along Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test Sights.

There’s a whole lot of NOTHING (except those who have been taken up in a ship, of course) out in these parts and it’s about 150 miles between gas stops. It’s also the locale of the famed Area 51.

Along the roadway there’s the Extraterrestrial Highway road sign and a giant metal alien sculpture as well as a “mailbox” which serves as “the meeting place” for our friendly outer spacemen complete with an “alien donation” slot.

After a long drive, you finally come to the town of Rachel (the whole town is nothing but a few RV’s parked behind the A’le’ Inn), which houses a place called the Little A’le’ Inn; a motel, restaurant, and bar with plenty of alien photos, gifts, and other alien inspired items as well as a human vs alien census sign, space ship on a tow truck, space ship sculpture, and an Independence Day movie time capsule to be opened in the year 2050.

Beam Amanda Up, Scotty!


wendyvee says:
I live to find places like this! Great roadside catch, Steve & Amanda!

If your spaceship is in the repair shop, you can visit The Little A’Le’Inn online!

5 thoughts on “The Little A’Le’Inn

  1. Little A’Le’Inn is a bucket-list item for me … haven’t been there yet 🙂 Love the pics, Amanda and Steve!

  2. I only wish we could have stayed until after dark. I would have really loved to see what came out of the desert after hours =)

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