Reader Shares Memories of Williams Grove & Shady Nook

Interestingly enough, the Remains of Williams Grove Amusement Park has been by far the most popular post on this site. Visitor Jack Reichart shared some great photos with me after commenting on the post and gave permission for me to share. What a fascinating peek into early 20th Century life in “The Grove”.

Jack says: Some happy times at the Grove many years ago. My grandfather is the first man on the left, closest to the camera, wearing a sweater. He built the cottage. He was a butcher in Harrisburg. I would think this is about 1918 or 1920. Can’t be too much later as my grandfather died in October of 1921.

The last time that I visited Williams Grove, which was at least 15 years ago, the cottage was sill there. However, a later owner had built an extension on the front and the front porch was now a room.

Many thanks to Jack for sharing these!

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