Resurrected Ghost Sign

Seigman & Wherley’s Sign
Glen Rock Mill Inn
50 Water Street
Glen Rock, Pennsylvania


I am not alone in my affection for “ghost signs”, particularly among travel bloggers. The remnants of faded hand-painted advertising (for often extinct businesses and products) are a charming reminder of the past. While I love when ghost signs are protected and preserved, I’m not generally a big fan of refreshing them with new paint.

Glen Rock has put some thought, labor, and money in to sprucing-up the town in its effort to welcome visitors using the Heritage Rail Trail. So, I won’t bark too much about my preference for fading ghosts and applaud their efforts instead. It does, after-all, still look pretty darn cool.

To see what the sign looked like in its heyday and also what it looked like as a ghost … click the image below to visit Jim McClure’s York Town Square blog.



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